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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

"The ROAR House"

Best way to tell others about this group/site is word of mouth or you can

ROAR about it here...your email comments will get "posted" asap.

This is the page to email [email protected] comments (all good on this page folks) to be posted here...but, please, please not all the facebook stuff, only bout what you like others to know bout this ROAR Group thing. Feel free to send any complaints to the ROARnHogMan at [email protected] too if you have one. Good luck with da HogMan; he hates "whinners" but will handle complaints he believes need some can't type your comments must send an email to [email protected] for posting.

Thanks very much for takin time to let others know....John



My 1st love is my family, hubby Jerry , 5 boys & 3 grandsons,3 daughter-in-laws.

                                              My second would be riding; keeps me from going crazy, lol.

              My very best friend Richard S. introduced us to ROAR love the people; wish we could make more of the rides.

                                I survied ovarian cancer in 2012 and now fighting it again.

Patty Knox



I rode with ROAR on many rides and absolutely enjoyed every one of them. I have been riding for close to 40 years and have never found a large group of riders that I could put up with or that could put up with me. I ride a black and chrome 2011 Ultra that I call Ebony. I have been riding since I was 19. I enjoy riding alone or with another one or two riders; I never cared much for large group rides but, ROAR is the exception.





There are no words to tell you how much we enjoyed riding with you and the rest of the ROAR gang that was able to attend. We are looking forward to the next ride with you all. Robert and I heard about ROAR and you through John Van Hengel and the Kansas City Motorcycle Group, which we are a part of on Facebook. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing you this weekend. Be safe and have fun!

Kim & Robert




Cheryl and I also appreciate all that you do for us and the group. I've never enjoyed riding with large groups before; but this crowd is a real pleasure to ride with. I know how difficult this can be for you; and I really appreciate your efforts. I appreciate more how successful you are with them! Thanks, my friend!




I ride a black and chrome 2011 Ultra that I call Ebony. I have been riding since I was 19. I enjoy riding alone or with another one or two riders, I never cared much for large group rides but ROAR is the exception.

I rode with ROAR on several rides in 2012 and absolutely enjoyed every one of them. I have been riding for close to 40 years and have never found a large group of riders that I could put up with or that could put up with me. Hope to see you all in 2013 as we Ride America's Roads.


What a Blessing you are to each life you touch ... with each and every email; all the positive and supportive encouragement you pass along. THANK YOU!!!



Thank you John for creating ROAR.

A wonderful group of people sharing a interest for riding. Have a happy and safe New Year. I look forward to the rides of 2013.



ROARnLady Rider Nicole D. beats death twice & writes:


I wanted to reach out and wish you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

And of course a Happy Healthy Blessed New Year!

Thank you for all you have done for the ROAR group, wish Steve and I could have made more rides this past season. I am thankful that I have my health, however I am still seeing a surgeon for ongoing abnormal pain and may have to have a fourth surgery at the beginning of the new year. I am hopeful that everything will be fixed and I will be ready to ride again next season. Though the past few months have been hard, even down right scary at times with me close to death twice, it has been a blessing. It has brought the best out of my children and my relationship with Steve and most of all my relationship with God. My children have really grown and matured over the past few months and stepped up to the plate to help their 'ol Mom out with the household chores. We are closer than ever and now know nothing can bring us " three amigos" down! Steve has been by my side through all of this and has been a true angel, he has actually been with me more than my parents, as he went on the metropolitan area hospital tour with me. We have visited four of the area hospitals either through admissions or ER visits! I have learned and been blessed with a lot in this journey and I now know it is going to take a whole lot to bring this ROARN lady rider down!��

I again want you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work it takes to keep the ROAR Group going! ���� I can't wait for the streets to thaw so we can ride again with you and the wonderful people of ROAR.

Keep warm this winter and hold on tight to those you love.

Wishing you the best and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With Love and Blessings,


Nicole Dixon~

Manager of Associate Risk

Peterson Manufacturing Company

Pager 816-864-5995

Sent from my iPad



R. Rider Mike W. writes:

If you have ever wondered why we ride with the good folks of ROAR, here is an example. After our lunch today a Sugarfoot BBQ, I experienced a flat rear tire in the middle of a turn in BFE. While I was fortunate not to go down, it was a little nerve racking. The whole group got turned around or pulled in behind me. We got the bike off the road and I called Kim for a trailer. Only when everyone was sure I would be ok did most of them proceed. Special thanks go to John and Steve, they insisted on staying until the trailer arrived and help load the glide. It goes to show the quality of the members we ride with. Thanks again to all involved. (John please feel free to forward to the whole group.)

Mike Williams=


2012 Christmas Givin...

What aWONDERFUL gift!!!!

I know she is going to be so so surprised and very appreciative.

The ROAR family has truly come thru for her!


Re: Christmas givin...

This is a wonderfull action by Roar. Although I don't get to ride with you guys any more I truly admire the Roar spirit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all the great Roar riders.


Thanks for all you do Sir. We appreciate it.

Merry Christmas

Love you Brother


Dec. 2012

Looking forward to ridin in 2013. My hat's off to you. I appreciate your efforts. When I see you wanting to discontinue your input on stuff like this (Wed. nites), I know you're frustrated. You'll never be able to please everybody 100% of the time. I wouldn't worry about the .5% margin of error that will occur no matter what you do. Take it from me, you're good and everybody I talk to is happy as hell just to be associated with ROAR and happy with the job you do.

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing so much for the benefit of us all. Without you, we'd look pretty silly trying to get rides together and plan social functions. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.




For all you do a great big thank you. We are all lucky to have someone with your drive and patience at times to keep pulling stuff together. Keep it up.

Hope we helped the family as well. Let me know if more needs to be done.

Merry Christmas to a good friend


Re: ROAR Wed. Dinner nite:

So very sad.. it made a difference in my life. Was a

>huge game changer... dont know how I would have survived without ROAR.

>This is a crying shame. But perhaps folks like me in the future will find

>other avenues for solace... like beer ... or heroin.... Thanks for all you did

> while ROAR was MY lifeline. Don't know where I would have been today

>without it.... love you John!!!


I have only had the pleasure to ride with your group three times as my friend Bill Chorise just recently invited me to ride with ROAR. It has been a pleasure to do so. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for the good times.



Thank you for being you and doing so much for so many. Few have what you have, the willingness to reach out to others and provide a format to enrich their lives.

Have a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year as well. Let me know anytime if I can ever do anything for you.



Have been ride with the group for awhile now

and have had a wonderful time and have meet some

very wonderful people to ride with. I have Sheila to thank for

asking me on my first run with R.O.A.R. and have enjoyed every ride since and will continue to ride with the group.




We were on the Ozarks ride last weekend with you - we came withTed Ward. Ivan was on the Dyna and I was on the trike.

Ted told me to check out your website.

I wanted to thank you for letting us tag along - we really enjoyed ourselves!

Ivan and I are sometimes hesitant to ride with groups due to safety reasons. Sometimes you get that stop and go accordion effect and some crazy riders. But, we were really impressed riding with your group! Everyone rides safely and reasonably and was really nice to ride with.

Feel free to post our comments and our names as well. We're not shy!

It was really a positive experience and you do a great job of leading the group and having everything organized! Believe it or not, I have never said that about anyone else that leads a large group of riders!

Take care and hope to see you soon!Thank you!


Teri Burgener

Republic MO


John. I am a shy person. I force myself to be outgoing. Riding with Roar saved me. Post it. I mean it! Riding saved my life. Long story.


About the ROARnLady Rider Ride today (6-13-12)

What a great ride!!! Truly a pleasure riding with the group! Look forward to attending events in the future. Definitely worth the ride from Leavenworth, KS.


From fallen rider Rich Antal's wife Carol...

Hi John,

Please forward this to all of ROAR.

Thank you all so much for being such special friends to Rich these past couple of years. Riding his motorcycle with you guys and gals was his favorite thing to do. Although I had been against him getting a motorcycle because I know how dangerous they can be, it really boosted his spirits when things weren't going well and joining ROAR was so wonderful for him. Not only did he love riding but he had a great time at the Wednesday night get togethers.

A special thank you to all who came to his visitation and also escorted him to his final resting place. I know many others wanted to be there but couldn't make it and it was great to know you were there with him

in your thoughts. He loved you all.

Thank you also very much for all the food you brought to the house after the funeral. I only regret that I didn't invite you to stay and eat with us but I wasn't thinking straight. Sorry.

Thank you Lynn so much for Rich's bell and the beautiful necklaces you made for myself, Kris and my daughter-in-law, Carly. We wear them all the time and it was so thoughtful of you.

Love, Carol Antal


About the ladies...Shullboy writes:

Have to admit it but us men wouldn't be the same without the help of the ladies in our life. Rather it be spouses, friends, girl friends or what ever the relationship. They just have that something special about them that brings out the best in men.

Later Skullboy


I had a great time with the ROAR group at The Peanut last night. The ROAR group is some of the nicest folks I have ever been around.

Scott "Scooter"


ROAR has always enjoyed some great Rides and that doesn't happen by chance.

Your efforts to lead a safe and enjoyable time out on the bikes is second to none.

You do your homework and give of yourself for the safety of us all.

Thank you for speaking out about what could hurt everyone.

A true leader, like a shepherd protects the entire flock.

There will always be wolves ready to destroy what is good.

Don't let anyone steal away what you have, not even one.

May God continue to bless you and those who follow you.

Ride Safe my friend and brother in Christ Jesus.


At the end of a Ride when you put the bike away and tun out the lights, Listen...

Well done my good and faithful servant.


My husband, Aaron, and I ride with the ROAR group and have tons of fun. Aaron rides an 08 Street Glide and I ride an 04 Deuce. We live in Greenwood and have 2 boys, almost 20 and 21, who are wonderful and amazing young men. We've been married 15 years (but only 6 good mos as Aaron says - what a card!). We work hard and play hard and love our life. We have awesome friends and neighbors, many who are bikers and even more now we've hooked up with the ROAR folks. What a great group of peeps. We look forward to many rides this year and meeting new people who like to ride and enjoy life like we do.

Donna H.


Please continue it (the web site)! I refer people to it all the time. I don't know if they check it or not, but I do tell folks to check it out. Thanks. And the Xmas party was a blast! So glad I have met this group!



To: ROARGroup

Sent: 12/9/2011 5:34:01 P.M. Central Standard Time

Subj: Christmas

John, would you please pass this one along for me?


I have been blessed with two really great gifts in my life.

One is the gift of words. I can create worlds with my words. I can move mountains with my logic, and hearts with my thoughts.

The other gift is my ROAR family. I am moved to tears that I cannot be there to share this Christmas with you all. To mention any one of you is to leave others out, and that I shall not do. You are my friends.

I think that because of the powerful emotions at having left my friends, the gift of words has also left me. I can't find words to say how I feel about each and every one of you. You are more family than I have ever shared in my life, and you all mean the world to me.

Just know that both those things are temporary. I *shall* be back soon enough. We will once again share, and laugh, and live, and RIDE! And I'll find ways to tell you that I love you...without being sappy, mushy, or otherwise---what the hell am I saying? I'll sap and mush and blubber on all of you!

I hope you all have a great Christmas, I hope every one of you tips one drink up for me, and I wish more than anything else that each of you finds in your life the things that all of you have given to me.

God Bless You, Merry Christmas, and I am there with you, in my heart!

See you soon!



Much appreciation! We had a very good time -- great people, great bikes, a good run and near-perfect weather! Ya can't beat it! I think Randy (aka "Flash") got some good pics, too. I asked him to put 'em up on our web site, but he might get them up on the facebook page first. Please feel free to friend us on fb "Blackwater Tribe, Warrensburg, Knob Noster" I hope we can do some events together in the future. Let's keep each other posted!

Be safe!



We want to thank you for leading us on another great ride. We appreciate all your time and effort.

Ron and Glenna


Thanks so much for visiting CATFISH CHARLIES. We really enjoyed having you and your group here. We have found that bikers are the neatest people and that goes especially for the ROAR group. Hope everything was ok. We look forward to your next visit. Thanks again! Sheila


I am so happy to have found ROAR. U have changed my life. So glad to know you. And bless you 4 ROAR!



Hey John,

I know you have been doing this for a while now and have made a heck of a lot of friends in the process. You have even made it possible for many, many other people to get to know each other and become friends too. You may or may not know it but you are one of few people who have that something inside of them that draws people together and makes them better people in the process. It is God-given and you have it my friend. I'm sure not many stop to think about what all you do to make this organization what it is. They show up for a ride you lead and have a great time. But I know that keeping track of everyone, sending out e-mails about rides, doing pre-rides, leading rides, coordinating rides that others lead, figuring out where to go and what routes to take, making sure everyone on the rides stay safe, coordinating with location owners about arrival times and number of riders, relaying messages, planning parties, taking and posting pictures, being a sounding board for so many, and on and on!

I just want you to know, even though others also tell you so, that I know the weight of leadership and I like and appreciate all that you do for all of us who are proud to ride with you and follow you and call you friend.

Ron Worth


Thanks for the welcome. It will be cool ridin with some like minded people. I found out about ROAR yesterday when I went on the Moustache Ride out of Gails. I rode with a couple of really good folk named Paul and Jody, She was a very cool lady as we talked at each stop of the dice run. Sounded like a good group to ride with (hard to find you know) so I decided to sign up as soon as I got home. Looking forward also to ridin and meeting you guys and gals. Again...Thanks for the welcome and ride safe!



It was a wonderful evening. I am touched by all my ROAR friends that showed up. It is such a wonderful family to be a part of. Tell everyone thanks for coming out to celebrate my and Rich's birthday! Looking forward to the ride this weekend.

And yes, I'm celebrating my 19th anniversary of turning 29.

Jeff G.


Great pics my very first ride with you and also my first big ride on my bike thanks for the memories Charles side note, the picture you took is the same pic on my laptop and my credit card so thanks again.



ROAR_ Thanks so much for coming into "The Lodge" last Wednesday!! We enjoyed having the group and hope you can all make it out again real soon. Don't forget this wednesday I will have Jake here playing and singing again.. Thanks Ben Oliver


Email list:

I may not get to ride with you much but when I do its always a great time. Never take me off your list!! Thank you all Roar Riders




Ted sent you a message on ROAR Motorcycle Group

Subject: 4th of July Ride

I just want to thank you for putting together the 4th of July ride. It was fantastic! It made me proud to be an American. Proud to be a biker. Proud to be associated with ROAR. I hope this is done each year. I will definitely be there next year.


Wanted to take a minute and say Thanks again for the great job you did in the planning, coordinating, and executing of the 4th of July ride. I believe I can speak for the group on this one that your time and effort you volunteer to orchestrate these rides doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s easy for us to just show up for these rides but someone has to come up with the plan and drive the bus for everyone to have a good time and a great ride experience. And the group is made up of good people that just like to have a great time and enjoy life on two wheels. So again Thanks for your work and keep the wind at your back until next time.

John Curtiss


ROARnIndependence Day Ride - 2010

Thanks to all who were lucky enough to be able to ride this very special/neat ride. Several folks who saw us have told me it was "very impressive" to see Ole Glory being escorted by so many bikes and, that while roundin Raintree and Lakewood Lakes the bikes ROARin sounded like the B-52 did do it's flyover...It will definitely be an annual Independence Day ride. Next year I'd bet we will be flyin all 50. I"m also very proud to be an American, a biker, and very lucky to be able to be part of "ROAR" and proud to ride with you all.

John, ROAR email contact


We are Mark and Becky Collis. Out for a leisurely ride, but no particular place to go, and so we decided on Lee's Summit, had only been through there once, a couple of years ago, stumbled on a red light, looked up and saw a restaurant, time to eat! Pulled in to the parking lot and HOLY MOLY! What are all those bikes doing here?? Parked, and some really nice lady said "We are going to Warsaw to eat BBQ, you are welcome to come" . I was shocked! Seriously? No money, dont' I have to sign something, etc? We didn't ride along, because we werent' sure what the deal was. Is there really this easy of a group riding together? Awesome!

(Mark and I took our bikes out on a sunny spring day, and rode to Greenwood. We didn't know where anything is in Greenwood, so we spotted a restaurant and pulled in on our bikes. Lo and behold, there was a boat load of motorcycles!!! A nice lady that was there told us they were going to Chuck's BBQ that day and we were welcome to ride along. We were a little freaked out, as I have never heard of a group that you didn't have to "belong to", pay dues to, or pledge some kind of allegiance to !! What a breath of fresh air!! We love to ride. Only my 2nd season riding, my husband and I are too busy working and taking care of our little farm to plan our rides. (plus we have little imagination:)) So we would like to try to ride with some of you good folks from time to time).

 Thank you very much for sending your messages to me about ROAR. John