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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

Riders:  Sorry, experiencing web building problems - Riders info is missing for now; Vistaprint migration problem from

  no link to join the site at this time either. So, your info is missing from the site if you regesterd before 6-20-2021 but it is on file.

You must be at least 18 years of age to join the site! Keep in mind you can be deleted from this site at the site owner's descrition for cause or no cause. Like being "defriended" on facebook etc.

Question...When you ride in a group do you do that weavin ride thang in your roadspace or ride other than the staggered way or, do you have a tendency to fall back a lot, thinkin "I'll just catch up" or ride up on the bike in front of you? Please try not to do any of this when ridin in any group...biggest complaint..."he/she keeps ridin up on me" and "he/she rides all over the road in front of us." And, if you ride a trike sure helps if you ride in the rear of the group.

If U agree with the ride release/waiver, ride manner/non "MC" (club) ways...and, you are a legal slow and easy rider, feel free to ride but, be advised U can be removed without more in the above pages about the unconditional removal from the site/email list.

If you do agree and ride and down the road U do not have time to ride a R. Ride for a year or so you can, for keepin it real, be removed. Sorry, but, tryin to keep the number of riders honest as possible. Or, if U let me know U may not be ridin with this group or will not be ridin with this group expect to be removed from this site and email list. If you are removed feel free to re-join when you can ride. Riders only accepted if you join to ride!

Trikes & smokers who smoke while ridin are very welcome but, U are asked to please "ride" at the rear of the pack. Thanks for your understanding!