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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

Removal from this site and or riders email list does happen...sometimes by web editing mistakes, sometimes hard feelins meant either way...

*Removal notice: Please keep in mind this is a personal web site and personal email contact list and you may be/can be removed/unfriended at any time with or without notice...same as you may/can remove yourself/unfriend me/ [email protected] with or without notice.

Very important notice:

If you choose, in any way, to say, act, present/cause ROAR, a rider front or back or, this web site owner (the ole email guy) ([email protected]) anything less than a peaceful, friendly, non-hostile situation your choice for sure but, be on notice here, you can and most likely will be removed from both this site and the email contact list if you choose to do so. Need more me.

If you find yourself removed and wanna get back on email[email protected]

Email list updating will occur...IMPORTANT!!!

If you are placed on the "riders email list" [email protected] you will be asked to re-submit your email address from time to time if you would like to keep receiving "ROAR" emails? This is necessary in keeping the list current and numbers of riders as correct as possible. It is important when you receive notice of the current email list being deleted you re-submit your email address asap after the delete date posted. You can also be deleted for "non-participation." Example: not being able to ride a ROAR ride over the past year or two or more. No offense meant if you do get "removed."

Thanks for your understanding folks. All about keepin it fun and friendly. If you have a personal complaint about the ole email guy contact me anytime. But, keep it peaceful for sure. Thanks again. John