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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

How did this site begin? Here ya go!

History of *R.O.A.R.

*Riders Of America's Roads

Lee's Summit Missouri (Kansas City area)

Raintree Lake

Well all began back in 2007 at Raintree Lake outside my house, over the fence, when my Harley ridin next door neighbor Randy and I (John) were shootin the ****; I mentioned something about bet there are a lot of riders in the Raintree Lake area who would like to ride with other riders sometimes and they gotta have a bunch of ridin buddies wantin to do the same without having to donate money or join a "club" but, would be willin/ up to some....

Ridin Safe and Havin Fun Group Ridin

So, me havin the time to send some emails to a few riders, and one to the Raintree Lake Association?s then LSPOA Pres. Brian Whitley now a Lee's Summit Councilman, a spot in the Raintree Lake Shoreline (newsletter) got things rollin.

The first ROAR get together was in 2007 at then, the Ward 150 Bistro Pizzeria with 15 riders, give or take one or two. From then on ROAR Wed. Nites were spent at the Ward 150 Bistro Pizzeria where owners Joe, Vicki and staff became like ROARnFamily and served ROAR.

ROAR spent many good times inside and out on Ward 150's deck that will be remembered forever. This Ward 150 spot became the regular start location for all of ROAR's rides and events until the winter of 2008 when, sadly, they closed.

Rides have started at the Q.T. lot 150 & 291 Hwys. and, several other locations.

Although ROAR began as Raintree Owners Association of Riders (ROAR) the numbers increased so rapidily throughout the KC area the expanded ROAR decided not to be, or be referred to, or taken in any way as a motorcycle club, or association of any type. During the summer of 2008 the name changed to...Riders Of America's Roads for ROAR. 

      That?s pretty much it...the rest is a lot of ridin safe and havin fun history

To date close to 500 have joined the email list...

All about...

Ridin Safe and Havin Fun!

This ROAR group of riders will not become a motorcycle club!

No donations, dues etc. required to be on the email contact list, this site, or to ride, and NO, you do not have to wear a patch or display a decal

Know of anyone who would like to be placed on...

ROARGroupcontact rider's email contact list?

Email: [email protected]

Reference herein to any specific business, ride, or event does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation, organizing, sponsoring, or favoring by ROARGroupContact, or any other individual on the ROAR motorcycle email contact list

Un-join/friend any below!

If you should ever no longer wish to receive ROAR emails, or be on this site, send an email to

[email protected]

Add in subject line Remove me...

No questions asked/no hard feelins...Ride On!

If you have been removed for whatever and would like to be placed back on the [email protected] email list...

Email "John" at [email protected]