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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

Have a complaint?

Due to the language/tone/method a "complaint" is written or recieved [email protected] may or may not post your complaint.

Hate for this page to be needed but guess it is since ROAR is not a small thang and complaints are a reality. If you have a complaint with or about another R. Rider or the "email guy" keep in mind "ROAR"...

nor has any "official" to handle any complaint

If you have a complaint/concern, voice it only to/with the person you have a complaint/concern about; even if about the "email guy John" and only if you feel you have to...but, for sure, not at a ROAR group ride or other activity...unless exigent circumstances...

Please Do not use a ROAR ride or other "ROAR" social gathering, in any way, to voice a complaint or spread any complaint about any ROAR activity, rider or, any of the ole email guy's decisions about same... or and, for sure not to "get bad!"

Thank you!

The "RoarNHogMan" agrees...

People will forget what you said;

People will forget what you did;

But, (most) people will...

never forget how you made them feel! 


ROARnHogMan reminders...

Remember: In the electronic age, photos can be taken by anyone at anytime. "ROAR" is not responsible for photos that may be taken of you while attending

any event...

If you drink don't ride or drive!

Have someone there to drive you home...Please!