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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

Benefit Rides - Poker Runs etc. requests & ROAR

ROAR folks are very supportive riders individually of the many needs. Since ROAR now has over 450 riders I receive many emails about benefit/cause/pokers rides happenin in the KC area askin if "ROAR" would be interested or, to forward the ride. In order not to promote one over another as a "ROAR ride" these rides are not normally forwarded to ROAR unless I'm notified many of ROAR will be ridin. Non-ROAR rides are not forwarded if they conflict with a ROAR ride date.

ROAR, like all other riders, have their "causes" and donate to and ride for benefits annually. Since ROAR is a "Ride Your Own Ride" and "no cost" to ride group all benefit rides, poker runs etc. are not forwarded as a "ROAR Ride."

Thank you very much for all the benefit rides you ride each year, for sure!

And, thanks for your understandin with these ride requests and ROAR.

Birthday rides etc. come on now...can not do, sorry.