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The ROAR 2021 Kickoff Ride is set for May 23rd. Kickstands up at 2 PM to Warsaw. Stay safe! Thanks for your understanding; enjoy your rides more than ever!

When you visit this site shoot me an email so I can say thanks!
John, roargroupjohn@aol.com

This may be the last season for ROAR. Just depends on turnout and Covid restrictions.

U do not need to sign in/register/join to view this web site/pages....but, you must register to ride with the group; by registering you have ageed to the ride waivers...Enjoy the site and rides!

Thanks for checkin out this ROAR Motorcycle Group!

First, please be advised this site/group is not a motorcycle club (MC). No colors, official patch, officers etc. and, for sure no claim of any part of KC or other area of our great ole U.S.A. There are many law enforcement and military (active & retired) who ride the rides.


Thanks for checkin out this KC area "ROAR" group! 


Above done by Bob Bond - BobBondArt.com

You can see many of ROAR in Thunder Press Magazine July 2014...


aka ROAR Motorcycle Group  "ROAR"

All makes of bikes are welcome; long as it/you are legal and peaceful to all...and you do not lie about your true identity.

Remember: If in group you fall back/catch up you cause all behind you to do the same...pls. ride considerate of all behind and in front of you!

Please ride so those behind you don't "rubber band ride"

ROAR is not a "MC" never will be...

Order & purchase ROAR T-shirts direct at Big Frogs-Independence 816-795-1115


*This web site is intended/designed/maintained only for informational purposes & the enjoyment of all law abidin motorcycle riders.

"ROAR" is not a "MC" (motorcycle club)

Information on this site is gathered from sources considered to be reliable

 but, the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed.

 U know this...We all Ride At our Own Risk!

 Please read the Waiver page above and agree before joinin this site or ridin with this ROAR group...

If after reading the waiver page you do not agree please do not join this site

or, ride with this group of riders 

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Trustin you will take time to read all of the information on this site... A lot to read but, very important information for us all...

Thank you!

For the easily offended or under age 18 

Before entering the rest of this site...

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If you agree to the above feel free to enter...

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Thanks very much for your understanding & cooperation with all the details! 

 Again, this group is not a "MC" (motorcycle club)

Just a bunch of local riders who enjoy ridin in group

Legal riders only are welcome

regardless of race or gender


If you should ever no longer wish to receive email from roargroupjohn@gmail.com

just type "remove me" in the subject line and click reply/send &

your email address will be removed asap, no questions asked!

Be sure to show those you love you love em every chance you get...

U may not get tomorrow!

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